Let the Water Come: a response to anti-semitism in Indiana

Hate, get out of Indiana, leave the United States, and flee the land of native people. This land is not your refuge. Depart, and do not return.

Love, come into this state and country and wash over this broken land like water.

Find the path through the deep, gaping wounds of the souls that inhabit this land. 

Send drops of dew to water the dry, thirsty roots of destruction.

Carve the conscience of the community.

Weave rivers of life throughout this culture.

Freeze into the tiny cracks, bust open the hidden pathways of denial, and bring to the surface what has been unseen for too long.

Let each molecule work together, moving individually in hearts, yet collectively pushing toward a watershed of restoration, resilience, and peacemaking for local, regional, and national communities.

Permeate the pathways we walk with perspective.

Let your rain fall on the ground, planted with fears, disappointments, and bias, but tweak your ions so that the bonds of racism and discord are dissolved. 

Evaporate envy and grow in its place the healthy virtue of kindness. 

Shift your chemical solution toward the growth of patience for all foundations to have your safety, and saturate the sky with just enough of your molecules, to bring respite to communities in need of the most healing. 

As the sun dries the porous spaces, filling them with light, bring them what they need to mend from the inside out, to be restored and made new.

As the country wakes each morning and takes its first breath, cover the fear of others as you saturate the earth in the mornings with fog, so its people are renewed with a recognition that their neighbors are also breathing in a first breath of fog kissed air, whisking fear away, replaced with realization of unity and common purpose.

Kiss every inhabitant of this land with your grace as the sun hits their forehead and your state is changed from liquid to atmospheric form, remind them that so too can they alter their perspective.

Fill the land, from sea to shining sea, with waves of energy, demonstrating that they can accomplish what the Spirit has designed for them, as demonstrated in your power to conquer fear.


Let the Water Come: a response to anti-semitism in Indiana

By Sarah M. Goss 

Update: Link to Indy Star Article: https://www.indystar.com/story/news/2018/07/29/carmel-synagogue-tagged-anti-semitic-graffiti/858786002/

Link to story from community member and affected synagogue: https://www.facebook.com/624276832/posts/10156836625546833/

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